Together, we can increase the performance and energy efficiency of your hydraulic drive system.
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Enter the future: The new Drive Controlled Pump at a glance.
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The term “Drive Controlled Pump” stands for a broad spectrum of components.
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See how Parker can deliver energy savings in a hydraulic press system.
Hydraulic circuits are often oversized, which ends up in poor cost-effectiveness and energy efficiency.

Based on an extensive experience in hydraulic technologies, Parker developed the Drive Controlled Pump, an innovative solution that enables the central, regulated supply of all drives and the downsizing of your hydraulic system.

“Just as much pump as you need"

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Energy saving and environmental friendliness
  • Low energy consumption
  • Minimised waste heat
  • Reduced noise emissions
Space optimisation
  • Greater power density leads to smaller components
  • Compact and lightweight solution
Cost effectiveness
  • Reduced operating costs due to energy efficiency
  • Short payback period
  • Ease of procurement, single-source solution
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